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About me

I am the son of a Chinese father and Dutch mother, born in the Netherlands in 1965. After my high school years, I went to the University of Amsterdam to study Dutch and International Law. I worked as an attorney for ten years.  After that I worked as interim legal counsel for various organizations. In the period from 2012 to 2020 I was involved with FLOOW2 World’s Reset Button an international B2B sharing platform. Currently I am active again as legal counsel for organizations that stand for freedom of choice around body and health.

My vision

Feeling, responsibility, freedom and free market are the central themes of my vision on people and society as a whole.

Learning only to think has become a priority in life, and we have started to forget to pay attention to the development of our ability to feel and trust or intuition. The process of personal awareness is tied to the development of our senses, leading to a balance between thinking and feeling.

The free market economy and capitalism are the core of our prosperity. Politics and government will use rules, regulations, taxes and their monopoly on money to frustrate this system. It is my vision that when people always try to control these natural developments, poverty, conflicts, turmoil and scarcity are the outcomes.

We are at the very beginning of a new society that is based on freedom, collaboration and equality instead of power and hierarchy. To start living it, it is imperative that we disconnect ourselves from our fears and our limiting views and free ourselves from the elite that governs us.

My book

Personal Awareness and Free Market | 26 insights for a new way of life


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Work and Career

Chapter 4
Democracy and Politics

Chapter 5
Economic System

Chapter 6
Financial System

Chapter 7
Spiritual Birth and Health

Chapter 8
Marriage and Relationships

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
The Great Awakening (2012)

Chapter 11
Raising Children

Chapter 12
Laissez Faire

Chapter 13

Chapter 14
Natural Processes

Chapter 15
Origin of Man

Chapter 16
Populism and Media

Chapter 17
Qui Rogat, Non Errat

Chapter 18
Law and Justice

Chapter 19
Criminal Law

Chapter 20
Television and Radio

Chapter 21
Universal Principles

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24
World Peace

Chapter 25
Yin and Yang

Chapter 26


Presentations, publications and interviews


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